Write In A Logical Sequence

November 02, 2015

When little ones begin to write stories, they learn to put events in a logical order and to link each idea to the one before it. Help your child practice sequencing and connecting events with these strategies.

Create a storyboard
Movie directors make storyboards to show what order the scenes will go in. Encourage your youngster to pretend she’s a director and draw pictures for a story on separate sticky notes. Then, she can put the events on paper or poster board in the order they should occur. Let her use this storyboard to tell you her story, and help her write it down.

Make a time line
Help your child write 10–12 happenings from her life on separate index cards. Examples: “Born.” “Moved to Greenville.” “Started kindergarten.” Shuffle the cards, and ask her to put them in the right order. Then, she could put together a time line by taping the cards together in a row. Idea: She can use her time line to write the story of her life, adding a few details about each event.

Link it up
Write two silly or random events on a sheet of paper—one at the top (“I got a pet giraffe”) and one at the bottom (“Mom made an apple pie”). Let your child read the first sentence. Take turns adding a sentence that is logically connected to the one before it. The goal? To write a story that links the two original events! Example: “The giraffe loved apples. He was tall enough to knock apples off the tree for us…”

For more great ways you can work together with your child for learning success, be sure to check out this month’s Reading Connection Newsletters for grades K-2 and grades 3-5.


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