Play With Sounds and Syllables

October 01, 2015

What is a poplolli? It’s a mixed-up version of lollipop! Playing with words helps your youngster hear the sounds and syllables within them. Use these clever activities to build his phonological awareness—an important predictor of reading success.

Where in the word?
Let your child pick out a stuffed animal. Then, label one sheet of paper “Beginning,” another “Middle,” and a third one “End.” Now, say a three-letter word (cup), choose one letter (u), and say its sound (uh). Does your youngster hear that sound in the beginning, middle, or end of cup? He can show you by hopping the stuffed animal to the right paper.

Rhyming riddles
Ask your youngster to name a category like food or games. Think of a word that fits in the category, and make up a riddle for him to guess it—ending with a made-up word that rhymes with your word. Example: “I am green and spicy, and I taste good with chips. I rhyme with wuacawole” (guacamole).

Scrambled syllables
Take turns secretly picking a word with at least two syllables (scarecrow) and saying it with the syllables in the wrong order (crowscare). Try to guess each other’s word. Tip: It doesn’t need to be a word your child can spell or read—it could even be expialisuperfragilisticdociouscali (supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).♥

For more great ways you can work together with your child for learning success, be sure to check out this month’s Reading Connection Newsletters for grades K-2 and grades 3-5.


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