Making Nutrition Payments

  • Online Payments

    The Richland School District has chosen My Meal Time to provide the opportunity for you to make credit card deposits into your student’s meal account–conveniently, safely and securely. You may also view your student’s account activity, including onsite payments, online payments, current balance and a detailed history of account purchases.

    Using the link above, follow the instructions to create a new account, add your student, and make a deposit. Online deposits are processed each night at 3:00 a.m. and will be reflected in your student’s account as soon as possible after start of service the next morning. Deposits made after 3:00 a.m. will be processed the following night. MealTime Online charges 4.9% for the convenience of the online transaction.

    Should you have any questions about these procedures, contact our office at 967-6114.

  • At School Payments

    Students can also bring money for each meal or they can bring cash or check (made payable to Lewis & Clark) for any amount. When they bring their money to school they will put it in their lunch envelope in their classroom. Those envelopes are taken to the kitchen every morning. The kitchen staff then credits each child with the amount of money turned in. When your child gets down to just one or two meals left your child will receive a slip of paper from the cashier stating the balance of the account.

  • Free and Reduced Lunch

    Please return this form to the office.