Backyard Summer Games

May 03, 2016

What comes to mind when your youngster thinks of summer? Whether it’s the beach, baseball, or the Fourth of July, these active games will keep her reading skills sizzling on hot days.

Seashell Relay
Let your child cut out 20 paper seashells and label them with beach-related words (sand, waves, surfing). Fill two pails with sand. Bury 10 shells in each, and place them at one end
of the yard. Divide into two teams at the other end, and give each team a shovel. Players race to dig up a shell, shout out the word, and run back with the shell to pass the shovel to the next teammate. The first team to read all 10 words wins.

Baseball Toss
Secretly think of a baseball-related sentence. (“The crowd roared after the home run.”) Write each word on a separate sheet of paper, and crumple them into balls. Then, throw them to your youngster. Once she has every word, she unfolds the balls and unscrambles the sentence. Next, have her make up a sentence and toss to you. Variation: Write one sentence of a paragraph on each ball, and players arrange them in order.

Red-White-Blue Crossword
Together, create big letter tiles by printing each letter of the alphabet on a separate sheet of red, white, or blue con- struction paper. Make extra vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and common letters like l, n, r, s, and t. Deal all tiles evenly to players. Then, play a cooperative game: Take turns laying down letters into words until you’ve arranged all the tiles into
a giant crossword on the lawn.

For more great ways you can work together with your child for learning success, be sure to check out this month’s Reading Connection Newsletters for grades K-2 and grades 3-5.

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