No School Thursday May 21st: Teacher Day Of Action

May 8, 2015

Dear Parents & Guardians of the Richland School District:

Due to a planned one day walkout by members by the Richland Education Association (REA is the local Teachers’ Union), the Richland School District will not hold regular classes at any school on Thursday, May 21, 2015. Unfortunately, this will cause the District to extend the school year by one day to meet the state requirement of 180 school days. So, the last day of school for students will now be Wednesday, June 10th instead of the planned last day of June 9th.

The REA has informed us that the purpose of this one-day walkout is to raise awareness within the Washington State Legislature about the lack of funding for public education over the past several years. Close to 30 other school districts around the state have seen their respective teacher unions participate in a one-day walkout for the same reasons.

While spring athletic seasons will be largely complete, some after school activities, practices, and events may take place even though school is closed on May 21st. Your coach/advisor will have scheduling information specific to the individual activity.

Even though school will be closed on May 21st, please be aware that Friday, May 22nd is a school day. We have to make up a cancellation of school that took place this winter due to ice.

The Richland School District has enjoyed a positive relationship with the REA for over thirty years. The REA has made it clear that this walkout is not directed at the District, the patrons of both Richland and West Richland, or the students and families of our community. Our teachers are top notch and we value their daily efforts to educate our children.

The District was not consulted by REA in the decision to walk out. While the District agrees that the Legislature should fully fund schools, we do not endorse or support the interruption to student learning as the best way to convey this message.

The District regrets the interruption to the academic calendar and the impact to the regular schedule of our students and parents. Please stay tuned to the District website and Facebook page for updates. Thank you for your continued support of our District.


Tony Howard
Executive Director of Human Resources
Richland School District

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